By Himalayan Tenzin - Friday, February 28, 2014

Only few hours left for the morning practical class to start. Roommate still in bathroom – hears blowing of his nose. Can I make it to class on time?

Noon: Lunch time
Nearly late to enter the class. Lecturer was nearly on the verge of not entertaining me. Remaining late comers after me weren’t allowed in. Poor them. Even those without college ID were expelled.

Feels guilty to attend afternoon classes! It’s more of a bedroom than a lecture theatre; frequently succumbs – inevitably – to the overpowering warmth emitted by the congested fellow mates. On it, professors are gifted lullaby singers. I pray: God send us some better singers.

12th- 2-14
(22:42 p.m. IST)
Chonba celebrates his third birthday. Unlike past, sister is happy now to throw little party to the invited guests in a westernized fashion. Previous year, father was adamant in doing this; being one superstitious man (can’t say orthodox), he supported the religious trend of organising little nephew’s birthday with a ritual. He said that it seems bit tantalizing and satirical too to cut a cake with one’s name written over it. “It looks gruesome,” he ended. No more argument. Head of the house that he is.

Having agreed on the idea by her own husband, she’s left with no other options but to sulk on the alternative proposed – or rather imposed – by the father. Sad retrospect it is for me too.

So, recharged phone sufficiently to wish my three years old dear but only to get it consumed by the failing network in between. I am not angry. A nephew’s birthday is his uncle’s happiest day. Can’t it be?

13th-2 – 14
(02:52 p.m.)
Thanks to Suraj’s laptop. I could wake up late after burning the whole previous night watching recent bollywood movies. 

Sky overcast! Sunrays unable to penetrate through the cloudy sky. Gloomy altogether. Perfect day to revisit favourite parts in Ruskin’s “Rain in the mountains; Notes from Himalaya.”

Back on the diet of fried eggs and oily curries. Dying pimples would be happy.

(23:48 p.m.)
Farewell drizzle started. Surroundings wet almost every time.

Ample siesta stole my sleep, so chatting with another insomniac girl. She’s one interesting and comical girl.

On calendar, I strike ended days.
When hours fly by
And now passes to then,
I strike those empty shells of the time-table.
They are the days spent,
Time occupied by my lives.

16th- 2-14
( 11:53 a.m.)
Up late again. Nearly missed a.m. of the day.

23rd- 2-14
Yesterday – Passang’s birthday. How extra-ordinary a boy he is that his birthday should coincide with His Majesty’s. I should consider him little extra special in regard of seniority.

Did video chat with Kinley. She refuses to reveal her face. So, I did not show my face either. Tit for tat is always a fair play.

However, I think I succeeded in annoying her. Perhaps probably. Evidence follows:
Kinley: hey gudnyt
Me: Jesus bless u
        Take care
Kinley: zhai. thank u.
Me: bye bye
Kinley : n Jesus bless u too.
Me: sweet night.
        Feels blessed here too
        Bless Thuji too
         She’s hurt anyway.
Kinley: no she isn’t
          hey u know wat?
        Jesus loves u alot.
       Sorry if annoyed.
Me: I don’t know what.
       And how can u say that.
      No, m not.
      But if u can say briefly how.
Kinley: cuz he made us to meet
       so dat we can talk n
      share, u know.
Me: I thought the same
        But u should thank
       Buddha too
       He also let us to meet
       He loves u too
       Please don’t think m trying to
        rebuke you
        I just love Gods.
( after several minutes )
Kinley: Gudnyt
Me: J
        Take care.
         ( seen 00:42) 

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