By Himalayan Tenzin - Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hashimara is a small railway station located few kilometres away from the bordering town, Phuntsholing. I always take my train from this little station. This is the fourth time I am taking the common train – Mahananda – from here to my college.

Unlike other stations – especially bigger ones – that I comes across while travelling to Allahabad, it doesn't have any tea shops or book stalls or vendors visible. Such train station features are hardly seen here. It’s completely a lonely little platform; with few ticket counters, a retire room, a room for station master and a station for Railway Protection Force. I compare it to Ruskin Bond’s little Deoli station. It is comparatively smaller than other bigger stations like NJP that only few compartments fits on the track parallel to the length of the station.

Provided are the few electrical sockets and water taps. Even fewer concrete benches. Those who built this station might have calculated wisely with accurate foresight; here really aren't many travellers apart from few northern natives and Bhutanese – either pilgrims or students like me.

A tantalizing fact is there is no beggar here at all! A peaceful place. It might be perhaps because of little population of the travellers. Sanitation is better even in the washroom.

In the meantime, I am impatiently staring on and across the railway track, waiting and watching dismally for the signs of the unpunctual transport. And when the train comes, this lonely little platform won’t be an inferno of shouting people, rather disciplined passengers, running for their respective compartments. They may get restless for some time but passengers and travellers ought to be so.

15th February 

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