By Himalayan Tenzin - Monday, April 07, 2014

To observe children in contrast to their parents always fascinates me. There then, I could see the miracle; the immediate relation; the representation of the wonderful work of the latter.

Children relate a parent to either. They bridge the gap in between them – physically. If you happen to observe their features carefully, their traits would be the characters of either their own father or mother. On premise of the inheritance of the characters genetically, they look similar to their siblings and of course, to their maker. Children are form of characters overlapping both parents.

It’s a matter of astonishment, children sometimes hardly resembles their immediate parents. But then, in their own family tree, they certainly would resemble forefathers of some generations before.

When a baby is first born, first would be the instinct amongst those present there to put comparison of the features the newborn had obtained. “ He got his father’s nose..” “ She has her mother’s eyes..” so on. How won’t s/he inherit the biological traits bequeath into them by their parents. It’s been one hereditary and natural tradition on the Earth. Moreover, children are the reflections of their parents; their own parents – in combination – in miniature (the reason they look cute).

Upon seeing her son’s picture, I think I made a flattering but honest comment that her son resembles her: handsome. She denied saying that her son had taken much of his father in him. To satiate the curiosity, I put her husband in contrast. Yes! The son looks much like his father but he seems to relate both his parents equally in my eye, on the other hand. Seeing them in succession, I nearly made myself to think that they are siblings indeed.
So I said, “But I find he has both you and your hubby in him.”
Form the other side,” J Thank u. He has inherited our flesh then. “

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