When in college, it isn’t too early neither too late to have a girlfriend. It’s just ripe and accurate time to acquire one – if one doesn’t have or to continue if already into relation – that it can extend the familiarity and intimacy and push the relation to marriage – a biggest event in life. So, almost all my college mates here possess a girlfriend each now.
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Some of them are committed for this lifetime to their beloved ( they exaggerate it to next life also ), some have build relation for intimacy, considering it an initial requirement of marriage, some are into the relation out of infatuation; this being mostly one sided is unbalanced and usually is the type I find short lived. My friends who are into this are constantly in the process of mending relation; joining, breaking and re-joining again.

The prime object of such relation at last is only to achieve a better spouse; women to get better men and men to get better women. With respect to men, they always dream of having wife, comely and morally upright, well versed in all chores, educated and wise, who would well wish them every morning and wait for their return with warm dinner. However, this is a distant cry now. Such women are rare species. And all men may not be lucky enough to relate their lives to a fairy tale.

If a woman is excessively beautiful, she could be prone to infidelity, if well doing in household activities, she might be illiterate, if well glued to moral integrity and dedicated, only fair enough, if highly literate, men will be henpecked. Men always will point one or two flaws of women upon their criteria to be perfect. In fact, it’s imperfection men see of women when they look for the long term relation.

My friends were gossiping on matter pertinent to this. It was cliché to hear saying they ( almost all ) want women of sublime character and that religion, caste and beauty pose no bar to them. But beauty was contradiction to a friend; he wants to marry woman with intrinsic beauty. Well, for him, it’s the character that really doesn’t matter. He defends himself explaining if the woman isn’t beautiful there is no way to change her (the concept of plastic surgery isn’t applicable in Bhutanese context). Provided she is beautiful but it’s her manner that is indecent and immoral, the latter traits can be rectified.

“You might have heard of Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew,” he’s assertive in his preference. However, he said if he can’t alter the bad temperament of the woman, he will resort into avoiding the woman at all. And before this he will take paramount precaution to prevent coming across such course in life – the girl-boy relation before the actual marriage. He said that’s where actual selection can be done best.

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