By Himalayan Tenzin - Thursday, September 25, 2014

I received the parcel. Actually the poor postman was confused with my name – he took me for a girl and when he reached the girls’ hostel, found none by the name. It really wasn’t his day for the parcel alone kept him occupied and consumed his entire day then (he complains). At boys’ hostel, another Sonam Tenzin (junior) refused it as he doesn’t know anyone by the name, Rima. That too from Singapore! Later only he did realize that he’s not the only Sonam Tenzin here.

He told me about it in the evening and when I went to collect, the office was already closed. Yesterday, I got it. And the postman, upon making my claim, slapped on his forehead, “this bothered me till now. You could have at least let your friend mention that you are a boy. Your name sounds girl! “

“ Well, for better, I’ll change my name to Kishor Kumar soon. But I am a Bhutanese,” I mused.
Postmen ought to learn names and places. Shouldn’t they? J

I am really overjoyed with your gifts. And the wishes you sent along with. Only few friends care about my birthdays. I feel cared now. My adopted sister made a first gift to me when I turned 17. That was again the special day. But this gift makes me even happier because the person who sent knows what I like. Yes. I love books of all things. The moment of happiness I felt when I tore the envelope and had those gifts on my hand shall be memorable as long as ‘The Kite Runner’ lives in the literature.
I will. :) 
Two key hangers with symbol of your Singapore ( is it it? – roaring lion with body of fish– are so beautiful that it cultivated a new habit in me: spinning the hanger with its ring on my forefinger J because only by opening the lock, the beauty’s function can’t be overdone.

You are a practical woman, I see. I tagged you in the Bookbucket Challenge with a mistaken idea that its object may be to let the participants boast the number of books they read. I knew through your blog that you read lots. So to me, you made a worthy challenger. In fact, I never cared to dig the reasons and causes behind that game which made it go viral in facebook. Only when you posted about it in your blog, did I know that this simple game of listing books read really carries serious theme.

Thank you again for sensitizing about it then.

Love all your gifts, honestly, I say again.
Buddha bless you for your generosity.

And Thank You, Rimawati. ;)

23rd September, Tuesday. 

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  1. Receiving gifts will be always special. Madam Rima has made your day. Good!

  2. It's my pleasure Nuchu! I thought I had commented this post before. Sorry for late reply here and it's my pleasure la. I hope by now you've finished reading it and loved the story :)

    1. You already did la. But as I changed my blogger template, some of the comments couldn't be shown again. And thanks again, the story 's really beautiful. I really loved it. :)


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