By Himalayan Tenzin - Saturday, October 04, 2014

Almost two weeks ago, I had an uneasy dream: I reached home all of a sudden – no examinations, no train journey, and no calling family; unceremoniously, I was at home, at my sister’s place. And the distressing moment was when my nephew came on my lap, expecting a batman’s costume, which he reminded me to bring him each time we watched ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ together. It was unlucky – I felt – for my nephew dear to have an absentminded uncle. Fortunately, it was only a dream; a nightmare sort.
And to upset the little master would mean upsetting my mother
 and my sister equally because he is the two in miniature.
Love for our children are inborn because in spite of however they behave and whatever they do, at the end, it’s only our care and love on which they feast and grow. And the blood which flows in our veins and which flows in their veins too, brings them closer to us naturally, making love even more inborn. Same phenomenon has brought my nephew closer to me – or me closer to him – and love I have for him is never based on condition. To see the ‘love’ being bruised even in a dream scares me. 

He stole the little heart left in me the moment he was born not because he was a new guest to be loved but because he was a fragile baby of premature birth. And only then, I knew the reason why parents are protective towards their weaker children. 

My nephew not only reflects my mother and my sister to me but he also has inherited certain ‘me’ in him through my sister. And to upset the little master would mean upsetting my mother and my sister equally because he is the two in miniature. 

Being a maternal uncle, I feel him being cared and loved only when I could gift him as all children love gifts. Isn’t it said that to win children’s hearts means to appease God because they are the scared seed of humanity, entrusted with the responsibility to carry on the race on Earth. 

But I dare not dishearten my nephew by false, unkept promise not because of the reason; I am scared to hurt him because it’s my heart that would be broken if he’s saddened. 

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  1. Relating post Sonam, my cousin brother equals your nephew. He too used to keep wheedling me a bicycle as a gift from me unless his father bought for him. Keep sharing. Hope everything is going well everyday. God bless you, today and always. Take Care. :)


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