Literally, October is one of the longest months. As I look back through the days gone, I see I had done away with quite a number of activities listed in my notepad. 

1. To watch a score of documentary movies.
2. Reading a chapter – at least – of any books or a poem, daily. 
3. Daily diary entries; or if possible, an article a day or reviews of either movies watched or articles read. 

These were the three prime objectives for the month. However, as I measure the month with the achievements accomplished with regard to the above, the month appears short. Perhaps, it’s my slowness that made the month run and complete faster.

I could finish only three documentaries so far, of the score downloaded from the YouTube: those were on Sir Issac Newton, Albert Einstein and of Dracula. My fourth attempt was on watching the life story of the late American country singer, John Denver. Due some business, I could complete to quarter of the full time and later, had to leave it incomplete because of the deficiency of time. 

Daily diary entry isn’t hard. Perhaps, it can be one of the pleasurable things one can do with pen and paper. ‘Be the author of your own story’ has been the preface line in my diary that keeps me to writing. 

When it comes to reading, a chapter a day, of any books, isn’t tough either. But weird with me is, I couldn’t focus my read only to a book. I am an infidel reader as to be faithful with single book for long hours become monotonous and overtime, it bores me to sleep. Weirder still is, I love reading multiple books at a go! There is an incentive from the habit; and may be you will also consider it a good habit; the characters from the books get intermingled and plots mixed. But as far as you get an end, it still remains a story. So, usually, I conclude with birth and perception of wrong yet new story. Isn’t it just so wonderful?

But also because of this habit, to complete even a couple of books had become difficult. I am still stuck with Kahlil Gibran. Yet, still, I love to be with him. His all poems may sound melancholy rather than melody but it won’t fail to mesmerize anyone who read them. So, try one and be mesmerized. 

During this entire month,The Broken Wings is the only book revision I did. Though I completed reading ‘Frankenstein’ few days ago, I couldn’t come up with its review within this month. Reading is easy. Writing is little not easy. 

But that this month has been productive compared to other months of the year, I am happy. 

See you next year with renewed hope.

Adieu October. 


  1. You have spent 2014 October productively in your own ways. Good. And talking about the reading patterns, i usually don't read many books at one go. I don't want stories to get mixed up and then in process lose their originalities. And also more than reading a chapter a day, i love reading a book (if novel) in day or in minimum days. That's why i took one day leave from my office to ready chetan's Half Girlfriend. BTW heard quite a lot about that book of Khalil from you now. It must be really interesting. I want to try getting a copy and read it for myself. It was a nice read from you bro. Take care!

  2. October is my favorite month for numbers of reasons and am gladdened by your fruitful month. Indeed, I am charmed by your to-do lists of things which are really inspiring and encouraging. Planned times are always prizewinning times. Keep up your empirical and effectual technique, I know it will surely bring wonders for you. If time suits me, I would love to read the book you read. God bless you. Regards from me. Take Care. :)


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