By Himalayan Tenzin - Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Due being on bed for most hour of day ( and night ), I experience slight backache. It’s quite an irony to even complain that by being comfortable for so long, I develop fatigue! Yes! I get exhausted and it simply conveyed me a lesson that even excess comfort isn’t good. To be healthy, little hardship,  obtained from physical training of body, is also required. It’s almost a week that I hadn’t gone to football field. But, sometimes, I need to prioritize things.

Ok. Ok. I tell you what I’ve been doing these weeks, entirely on bed, which sounds quite long a time.

Thanks to the last midterm exams, I developed even closer intimacy with books. I could spare only few hours for sleep. That wasn’t because I am a hardworking student but since I had been procrastinating revisions of lectures, I had to rush, to make up for those wasted times, at the last moment. Fortunately, I came to discover we, human, can isolate ourselves and be with books as long as possible, provided we give equal concern and concentration; enthusiasm remains, then, out of question.

I so liked myself engrossed during those exam time that methought I would be same to those few stacks of novellas and poetry books as I was to those academic books,even after exam.

So, after the last exam, and after my roommate left for his home country to celebrate Diwali with his family, I confined myself to those promised and trusted and reliable companions. That’s also then, from when the mass bunk was officially commenced for a couple weeks.  

I don’t follow proper schedule to sleep and to wake up. I succumb to sleep when it comes and I comply with my wakeful self when energy boils within me. This improved my pace of reading also. And I believe even the mental progress is fine with me.

But the bad aspect (‘only quite bad’ to consider ) is, the body, as I already said, has become quite heavy. The previous evening, I observed myself with difficulty in catching up with playmates during soccer time.

However, despite this, I still don’t regret that I had been ( and am being ) with books. When it’s talk of my passion, books always take the first in the list.

Two days ago, I was done with the ‘Frankenstein’. How I wished I had those thoughts and imaginations of Mary Shelley.

And Now, I am with Nathaniel Hawthorne, reading his ‘The Scarlet Letter.’

As I am occupied, I bid you good night.
Sweet dream folks. J

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  1. That sounds like a good break for you after that many grueling days of exams. Keep reading and sharing your reviews if possible here. We would love to read so that we can also plan our reading lists. Until then, takecare bro.

    1. Thank you, brother. I will keep reading and also share my reviews of the books I read with you all. :-) Hope you are great as always. Take care.

  2. Same here brother, always enclosed with four walls has wearied me, I buy your say, "to be healthy, little hardship, obtained from physical training of body, is also required." Glad to see you living your round-the-clock passions. Presuming all is well with sound in health. Regards from me. Do Great. Take Care. :)

    1. I am good, Ugyen. I say, you need to spare few minutes to exercise also, otherwise you will suffer from backache like me. :D

      Take care. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, madam Rima. Hope you are doing the same; or even better. :)

      Take care.

  4. So, you went for a Diwali celebration?That's great.I wish I could do it.I love it and unlike the festivals in Bhutan, this ones are unique.Even Holi, it's cool.Football is awesome.Have a nice date with your next book and yes, nice post.


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