It’s been quite a long time and I almost forgot that I also own a blog; a hungry blog indeed who remains unfed most of the time, neglected by his owner. As consequence, it is thin metaphorically, with few rows of posts and that also with longer gap of unattended time in between. Often, when I read other posts of my fellow blogger-friend’s blogs, their updates make my poor blog look even more emaciated and malnourished. 

This winter days, I have not worked with my pen or literally written anything, apart from copying assignments and practical works due which only took me away from my page. Even to keep up with the lectures of the teachers, it has become a task difficult for me.

The short days and long, cold and weary nights pass away like ‘flapping of black wings.’ This adds quick days to already more interval days in my blog attendance. 

Soon, end term is going to be written, totally unprepared. Yet while writing the exams, it’s obvious, except mathematics, no paper would be spared empty because bluffing is huge and never ending. And perhaps, that’s only there, where I write without thinking or even if I think, that would be after writing – while discussing it later with my friends. lol.

But I shall write here thereafter. Certainly. 


  1. Your apology accepted bro...lol. But more than updating the blog, you have been involving in other works which are more important than the blog - which itself makes acceptable. Anyway, do other required works and in between update your blog. We can wait na.

  2. Thank you, brother, for being one constant support throughout all time. :-)


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