By Himalayan Tenzin - Thursday, February 26, 2015

The past couple weeks had been quite irksome. The deceitful college wifi not only kept me away from updates of various posts of my friends in social networks and daily news feed but also from doing necessary academic works. That made me to curse all the authorities here a lot. And as if the payment for the sin I created, I caught seasonal flu. That’s a very embarrassing illness to bear with. You don’t know when the uncontrollable cough may erupt out of your calmness and even if you do, to suppress it is a challenge indomitable – you’ll lose. And the colour of the face – if you are sensitive like me – will speak of the degree of embarrassment you felt in the middle of class.

But I am already in recuperation. And I don’t like to curse anyone anymore, even if it be for the provision of weak or no internet connection at all.

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In all these, February has already come to its end. A romantic month though shortest of the all. During the time of flu, I could relish upon the autobiography of Ruskin Bond, ‘Scenes from a Writer’s Life’ and completed again ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles.’ Memorising the piquant poems of Ghalib – I feel – helped me recuperate faster. For a moment, when the lines get settled in my senses, coughing gets delayed. Forgotten, though for a while. Perhaps, it’s the magic of the poems doing trick upon my sick senses. And Gitanjali was always in touch. Could it be also said, It never left me?

Reading. Reading several poetries, I tried scribbling some of my own when in bed and during the gone February nights. But they all sound crude and sick as me. Some empty without substance. For my better and to the respect of all poets I read, I focused into reading. If those lyrics could thwart the culmination of the physical illness I am with, to soothe my yearnings to write is also no question. Moreover, starting this month onward, I have pledged to read more. And make posts of book reviews here.

Let this be my reading year. 

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  1. Keep up your good reading habit Sonam and wish you recover fully very soon! The beautiful spring is coming but here it's just getting hotter each and everyday! ^^

  2. I envy your reading habit. I am a below average reader. Have never read than those few comics, stories and these days, status updates of 700 plus friends. If nothing can put me into a sound sleep, I take a book (no matter how inspiring or well-acclaimed), that outperforms any effective anesthesia. Haha. Poor me.

  3. Get well soon! And looking forward to read those book reviews. Take care.


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