To the people who say I remain to myself, almost all time, I agree without a slight argument or an explanation.

Because behind the closed door, they would find my room. In there, I would be sat on a chair, elbows rest on a table, either reading or writing. Sometimes, my eyes transfixed on an object, memorizing its image and side views, to turn it later into substance of some sketches. Other time, with colours, fingers besmirched, imitating painters. If not, then, I would be humming the tunes of my honest choice. Even when out of these business, they would find me gazing on empty walls, unknown that I am already involved into my blank imagination, never breaking the solemn reticence.

And I prefer letting myself lose into empty thoughts yet in solitude than to mingle among unreasonable sea of people. In my aloneness, I find even my void thoughts are meditations. To gossip, my life breaks into worthlessness, absolutely. 
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  1. Just do whatever things you love doing Sonam! Inner happiness and peacefulness are priceless! ^^ Have a lovely day! :)

  2. You and I are similar in this.... :-) its better to do something on your own than to engage in gossip...... :-) well explained Sonam

  3. Nice writeup Sonam,
    Our principles of life seem common...
    Be happy, believe in freedom and in God, love yourself, enjoy what you do, have a sense of humor, colour your life with different colours…
    Stay blessed and happy forever.
    God bless u. :)


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