I have to admit the latest hollywoood release, Fast and Furious 7 is one of the superb movies of the year. Starring Vin Diesel, Dawyne Johnson, Jason Statham, Tony Jaa and the late Paul Walker, the movie is well balanced with varied genres; though mainly action, there’s slight focus on comedy also and no question, the movie is thrilling to its denouement. As indicative of its title, ‘Fast and Furious’, the movie is all of drive and fight and drive again; the speed and superfluous beauty of the supercars the main characters flaunt is pertinent to the title of the movie. Though I couldn’t watch from series 2 to 6, the latest, or perhaps the final, one demands no compulsory watch of all previous sequels.  And it’s a movie worth the wait since last year when I watched its official trailer.
I could say the success of the movie could be attributed to Tony Jaa also though he appears only for few minutes, playing the role of a subordinate villain. This would be the first movie in which the popular Thai martial artist and actor is put into a negative role. However, as antagonist also, he makes up his character fitting because of his fighting skills. But how he’s defeated to death would make you chuckle out loud. And the one who always get confronted by him and the one to beat him down finally also, is none other than the late Paul Walker, known as Brian in the movie. 

Besides being action, another central reason to go watch the movie was because it’s certainly the last movie which would be showing Paul. It’s been said that he passed away before completing the movie. Perhaps, this could be one reason why the movie took so long to release. As per the source relating to the movie updates, it’s said Paul’s part was continued with assistance from his brother and partially by the technology of digital recreation. It may be my conscience disturbed by the knowledge of the obituary of the actor and how he’s continued in the movie which made him look – in my eyes – quite different in it than from his earlier movies. And when, at the end, scenes from the earlier series featuring Paul were shown, the Paul I just watched began to look one impostor, not the blue-eyed handsome blonde which appeared in The Fast And The Furious.  With this juxtaposition, I mean no criticism. Technically there’s no flaw. I only meant how I felt.

There’s no wonder the movie has already hit the hitlist and maintained maximum box office collection. It’s one last souvenir of Paul who made striking effort and contribution in the Fast and Furious series.  As dedicated by the team also, this movie was definitely ‘FOR PAUL.’
10th April, 2015

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