I read "A Poison Tree” by William Blake when I was in class 6. I still remember how our English teacher made us to memorize it, saying that it’s just 16 lines poem and to understand poetry, memorization is an essence. Though, I managed to memorize it then – I had to admit – I could understand its subtle meaning now only.  Classic poets really are clever and crafty and their works unfathomable; even if understood certain depth of their thoughts later, it would only be the revelation of more themes to come which are hidden as berg beneath mere rhyming lines.

Everyone might have quarreled at some time of their lives. And some bold or straightforward would have dared to spit out their anger at the time. To them, as meditated by Blake, certainly their wrath would have come to an end afterwards or at least, subsided.  But not everyone would have been able to do that way. This is where the chain of continual hatred for your foes or friends against whom you bear an unspoken resentment, begins; never declining in its consistency until you dare to break the link and end the curse upon your life by daring to speak out what you felt then.

I sound philosophical here. But trust me. I have seen and heard of my friends who underwent this. And I am also an inclusion. Getting angered at someone is natural. Continuing foeship isn't. I say this not because I am a Buddhist who rely on dissolution of anger as ground principle but out of human experience. I agree to experience as a better teacher. And Blake is an experienced poet.

If you are angry, make sure you quarrel but in a way that it doesn't lead you to fight. And there’s way to end the quarrel also. But if you don’t and rather resort into storing the wrath within, with the exception of enlightened soul, the mind would get contaminated and it would be but a womb to malicious thoughts. What could have been a cause for simple argument, would convert you to one vessel of evil, making you potentially capable of dangers and terrorism. And you don’t like to cause threat to humanity, definitely no, after what you saw become of Bin Laden.

So, yesterday ,
“I was angry with my friend:
I told my wrath, my wrath did end.”

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  1. I too did the same way la...and some how that was the trend of learning previously in our country and now it's all done and thanks for it...


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