It was the tremor I felt while still in sleep that set me running out instinctively in the open midday sun. It was exactly 11:30 a.m. The seismic wave returned again, probably ten minutes later. Obviously earthquake has originated somewhere in neighbouring states or countries.  

A Nepalese junior soon brought news that his capital city was badly affected by the earthquake and was with the intensity of 7.8 Richter. And that the epicentre this time is his Nepal! So, Kathmandu and his hometown, Pokhora, were worst hit by the tremor.

Till then I didn’t realise Nepal is one of the prone areas to the seismic force.  But true. Soon, all the social networks were occupied by this major disaster; photos of the severely injured victims and devastating state of the casualties, split roads, collapsed buildings, heritage landmarks razed to rubble and many incredible heart-breaking consequences. This earthquake has thrown many into destitute and death.

I came to know through some sources that this wasn’t the first time the country is feeling this immense destructive seismic wave. In fact, Nepal is with the recorded history of earthquake as early as 1255 AD. And in 1934, the country suffered the earthquake of 8.3 Richter! But there is no avoiding to it mainly because the country is located at Himalaya. Earthquake is inevitable, though it may occur relatively at larger intervals. Only if there is no rational happening of the continental collision of India and Eurasia plates, could the Himalayan country and other vicinities be deemed safe.

After writing this – and definitely after the prayer – I would go to sleep. But what would those poor victims, whose houses torn and families and friends consumed by the disaster, do? At the time like this, we, in general, are capable of one divine assistance to them though other compassionate and financially able philanthropists, exceeding in their capabilities to help, may donate generous sums to relief fund. Nepal needs prayers now more than ever. We are human. Humanity is our trait. Let’s pray for our brothers. We could have been one killed by earthquake in our previous lives.

Buddha bless all the lives caused by this earthquake and guide their souls to ever eternal peaceful place.

Sunday, 26 April 2015


  1. Om mani padma hung...
    May they receive help soon and blessed with safety, protection, and good health! May all beings be happy. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

  2. I join you in offering my prayers. I know what fear and disappointments mean when it is everything related to this natural disaster. I have terrible experience while I was at Mongar that hit the worst with September earthquake.

  3. This is a heart rending post and my heart goes out to the grief stricken people of Nepal. A terrible tragedy. I hope they get enough help, food,relief materials and money from the international community.

    I am praying for Nepal.

  4. heart rending ....no words to explain the pain....and all I pray is for their safety, health.

    When I heard of this....one of the first to come to mind was you Sonam...coz Bhutan is not far off Nepal in that sense...had no way to contact.... hope you are fine and also families of your friends.

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