Nepal got hit by two earthquakes. Unbearable losses and casualties. But it has got nothing to do with my procrastinating things, especially the academic works. In fact, I had become a character fit to be called lazy recently as if all the weight of the earthquake consequences hung on me.

I couldn't keep up with the lectures in class and sometimes even missed attending them. Even if I did, I would forget to update myself with revisions later, soon letting go whatever I listened to in the classes. It was unlike the promise I pledged to myself the previous semester – to improve. Rather I was imprudent over my old follies, wallowing same old way and unnoticeably, had taken procrastination as excuse for things undone.  I had – in a way – given in to laziness.

Time flew – quick as the flipping of pages as I am doing at the moment, burning midnight candle for the overnight preparation – and exams which ought to be done with ample preparations are yet to be mocked with ridiculous answers and bluffing. I observed unlike school exams, I had lost my accuracy of answering precisely and exactly to what’s been asked by questions, here in college. Another attribute of bluffing.

And what to be said of the handwriting in the exams? This may be due to carelessness again. With the exception of those whose ugly handwriting are inborn, the ugly handwriting occurring due to the rush to finish writing within limited span of time could be understood only by those who practice procrastination. Only had they been practicing to write elegantly in the limit of time, their write ups could be understood by the moderators too.

luckily it's a Google image. :D


  1. Procrastination is a thief of time, however; I can totally understand why you would. There is so much uncertainty on that part of the world.
    . I hope you stay safe xox


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