By Himalayan Tenzin - Sunday, May 24, 2015

I am lethargic to write even this one.

In winter, the sunless, misty and freezing atmosphere would be the killing factor. And in summer, the unbearable sun, suffocating heat and the burning weather is one that isn’t pleasant of the place. In consideration of these two extremely opposite features of the seasons here, Allahabad could be considered a weird place with totally unrelated seasons.
One might expect, if the winter is little extreme in coldness, then summer would be a mild and pleasant one. Unlikely, the summer here is deadly too. In normal summer noon, the temperature remains 43 degree Celsius, declining to 38 by evening – drop by 5 units. Last week the cobbler who used to be in his business by roadside, starting from the late morning of day, collapsed due to sunstroke. Even to the natives too long exposure to sun is intolerable during this time of year. So, his appearance in the spot shifted to evening. I feel sorry for him.

I wonder how the ancient people here could have survived such tropical heat! 43 degree Celsius is beyond enough to make me lethargic and uncomfortable.  It’s been already three years and I am still not used to the climate. My identity plays a reason here; I am a Himalayan boy.

 Thanks to the invention of electricity; I could survive in my room, at least. 

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  1. Wow, that's unbearable heat! Here we have the average of 31-34° C and we already can't stand it. Uh...... You'd better dehydrate yourself enough with water. Take care Sonam! ^^

    1. If you can't stand 31 - 34 degree Celsius, I advise you not to visit India in summer. LOL. Thank you, madam. I keep myself indoor almost all day. :) Take care.

  2. The Death Toll From India's Hellish Heat Wave Is Now More Than 1800... Stay Safe Sonam... As u have mentioned, u keep yuhself indoor all day namo:)
    Take care...
    Buddha Blesses Us Always _/\_

    1. With this kind of weather, I fear the number could rise far more. Only when out, during noon, you would know what the weather here is capable of. And I am certain those victims would be from the poorer section of the population who are destitute and unable to afford proper shelter.
      Thinking of winter is also doing no trick. :)
      Hope, you are also good there. Here, even if I like to be out, I can't resist the heat during daytime. Had to be indoor almost of all time. :)
      Take care.
      Buddha bless us all and always. :)

  3. Its a really hot weather no doubt, not the type one gets used to really. The heat wave is really sad as the poor and vulnerable find it harder to survive. Best wishes!


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