By Himalayan Tenzin - Monday, August 24, 2015

Around half past noon, it was: our pregnant pet cat has attacked a mynah and succeeded in catching it. Have it not been for mother’s alacrity to save the poor bird, – then struggling between the omnivorous canines of the hunter – it couldn’t have survived.

“The cat has got it again!” she was alarmed. “It isn’t dead yet. Quick! Save it!” Even as she summoned my assistance, she grabbed the broom propped up against the hinge of the door and scared the cat with her shouts. The feline greed still held and didn’t let go of the mynah.

Unable to stand helpless, she threw the broom upon the vicious predator, unaware that if hit, her endeavour to save the bird would have turned otherwise – mighty as the broom hit the table under which the cat hid its prey.
The hunter
Then, it leapt and made its way under the wooden floor.

“Let it go. It won’t give up on the meat. Rather we should,” I was pessimist.

“No. We should save the bird before it gets killed. It is pitifully struggling.” This time she ran along with long dry bamboo pole and disturbed the cat – which was about to make ready for the feast –until it gave in to mother’s determination.

I confess I could also have saved the bird hadn’t it been for the spoiled knowledge of mine which I claim to have earned from scientific TV channels. I had taken into letting animals their way as natural. Disturbing the feeding of cat wouldn’t have been allowed in Nat Geo and Animal Planet programmes. But letting life get extinguished in one’s eye witness in reality would have been even a grave sin.

Sometimes, we ought to be orthodox as my mother because our traditions are tied to it. Our religion focuses also on saving life of others.

At the time of writing, the hurt bird is under the security of inverted plastic dustbin, with a weight upon it, so to forbid cat from turning it and going on for its unfinished game again. Its right thigh is wounded and white patch of plume is bloodied. Earlier, it took constant blowing to revive and regain its consciousness. Now, with providence of a bottle cap of water and little grains of rice, it lay safe under the protection though still unable physically. I haven’t nursed it with foreign medicines as I didn’t have any.

I hope it will recuperate and join its flock sooner. 

05th June

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  1. Yeah, your mother has a great heart la! She could think of the suffering of the bird and try to save its life, something that usually wouldn't be shown on TV program. I hope the bird is still alive and can fly now! Have a great day Sonam! :)

  2. Many of us spend our time searching for life's purpose unknowingly. We don't have such as life's purpose, helping others is no more stranger for us. If you help others then that's more than enough. Great heart from great woman, your mother. Hope you've been doing great. Regards. Do Great. Take Care. :) :) :)

  3. It really was a genuine act of kindness bro!


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