4th June, 2015
The bus reached us to Gelephu at noon. Happy passengers comment on the improvement of the service; earlier the bus used to meander at the pace of worm or so, I heard.

At my cousin’s clothe store, She was taking siesta. My mother comes to collect me from there every time. Even at this age, where I am capable of fathering at least 3 children, she’s considered it a necessity to come, collect me. Perhaps, in her motherly eyes, she still sees me as an innocent toddler, who could lose his direction anyway, anytime. Therefore, it has become impossible for me to escape her care. And it’s better to be under her love.

She smiles at my sight: “You reached?”

I pretend to be frustrated: “You shouldn’t have bothered to come here for me. I already bought a ticket for home, tomorrow.”

“It’s your adamant father, insistent that I go and tailor his clothe piece. He informed you’ll also be reaching here today and we could turn home together,” she clarified with smile still lingering on her face.

However, she regrets coming here because all the Indian tailors had forfeited their business and charge imposed by the Bhutanese are comparatively unbearable. Anyway, she‘d paid the advance to a Bhutanese tailor for the work.

She also tells uncle – his brother – and aunt had gone to the capital and would be returning today. I ask her to request him whether we could be adjusted to his office van. But the van was already filled to the capacity and also little beyond. However, uncle sends his friend’s vehicle to fetch us.

The very evening, we return home.

One the way, uncle’s van breaks down twice. Petrol spilled on the way heretofore left only with half the capacity of the fuel tank. There was a small but enough of troublesome leak on his fuel tank. Our driver repairs each time, he being quick and younger. But from him also, the problem consumed more than two hours. When we reached home, it was already half past eleven.

For the safety deliverance home, thanks to the driver. And Buddha also.

*And Happiness for me, a college student away from home, is coming Home. :) *


  1. Great story and thoughts. Greetings!

  2. Hahaha.... I think both you and your mother can't live without each other. It still lingered in my mind that you followed your mother wherever she went when you were young and how funny this time that you felt a bit annoyed that up to this age, she still insisted to come and fetch you, who was at this age, where you were capable of fathering at least 3 children :P

    Anyhow, I know that you were just acting annoyed where you were actually very happy with your mother's appearance :) Nice memory to be written down Sonam! Keep writing la! ^^

  3. Aptly put in the words..nice read


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