It’s all about the picture.

Happiness manifested. (Photo courtesy: Ugyen Gyeltshen)

Posed for a picture or two, they may not have slightest idea of what happiness could mean when actually, it’s what they exactly are.

The most basic requirements itself appease them. Provide food and they don’t complain of its palatability. Their clothes mean protection for them rather than mode of beautification. They play pebbles and are satisfied by the sports the school provides. Smart phones are least important to them as pebbles are for us now. Promise and provide them bellyful, they would worship you. Ignore them and they would ignore you the same. Treat badly and bully them, with least of respect and more of fear, they will treat you as ghost. Care and teach them, they certainly would obey you. At this human age, women points out for mothers and girls for sisters only. Their innocence allows them to view platonic relations all around. By their lack of knowledge, they get little impudent and play little ruffian sometimes. And as they are offspring of human, they too are prone to flaws.

They live their kidhood as if they are heedless of future, which of course, they are. This could be why, worriless, they enjoy their every present to all possibility.

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  1. The kids are cute and innocent with purest minds. They truly enjoy all the happiness around us. Sometimes we learn from them because we have drifted too far away in life.


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