By Himalayan Tenzin - Monday, October 05, 2015

This generation of kids are amazing. One being my own nephew, it’s evident to say. They come as sharper-brained learners with fertile assimilatory power, witty observers with keen senses and cleverer human with indomitable reasoning talent. My nephew is very fine in being one kind of the latter. To say, he’s a reasoning prodigy.

Once, when I was left to attend him, I took the interest to test his English alphabets. I asked him to tell the first eight letters, underestimating his calibre for knowledge. After getting the first four correct, he continued, “ F, E “ when I instantly stopped him.

“ No. Say E before F.” I tried rectifying, least expecting him to defend his wrong flow of the letters.

“ No, Uncle,” he retaliated! “ F can come before too. E, F are brothers.”

I wondered, upon this ridiculous answer, when could a barely 3 aged kid have matured to relate letters to human also, or from where he could have learnt that. Could it have been told unconsciously? Perhaps, it wasn’t. Because he carried on with another relation.

“ Letters can’t have siblings. They aren’t human like us.” I asserted.

Then, like a lawyer producing a file of evidences, he showed his pictured alphabet book. Pointed to the picture of apple and the following word: APPLE.

“ 2 P. See. Nima Dawa ( twins ).” That, he told me in the manner of a mother narrating a fairy tale to her children, convincing it as true.

I still wonder, in some future day, when he acquires enough knowledge, would he meekly admit his childish reasoning, or would devise even clever theory to prove his righteousness then.  

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  1. Such a witty talk from a child of that age will cloak brain of any uncle. He appears to be intelligent. Hope he finds power to use that for his own good and also for people around. Regards to your little nephew!

  2. Hahaha! :D
    Kids often say the funniest things. As innocent as their answers might be, they are hilarious and border line genius! You have to give some credit though, because although their answers are technically wrong, in a way they are also correct :P. Haha your nephew is a hilarious-brilliant-cute-hero. I hope he will grow into a productive wise man.
    God bless him! Loads of love to him. :)
    Beauiful day to u Sonam :)

  3. Really hilarious, I couldn't stop myself from giggling. It's said that we are genius by birth but the way of living de-geniuses us. The level of intelligence and creativity is very high in our childhood compared to our adult times. Who knows your nephew might be right in some other way. Indeed an instructive and interesting post. Hope you're doing great. Do great. Regards. Cheers. Take Care. ;)

  4. Your handsome nephew sounds like an intelligent kid. He would pick up faster than you could imagine someday. Kids nowadays seem more intelligent than us during their age, with all the advanced education system. Good luck uncle.


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