By Himalayan Tenzin - Friday, October 30, 2015

This rain probably ends the long, dry and hot summer; the harbinger of winter which is no far away. Few rumbles of thunder and flicks of lightening blend with breeze. The sky is overcast but my spirit is lit and lifted. The road and ground are subdued of their dust. Roadside blooms soaked. Delight on some people's faces. Morning was pleasant and the day is going fine, absolutely, in weather terms. Though little cooler than bygone days, it is better too. As I enjoy articulating moments in the memorandum, lots are going on in my brain as the business on this road. I am happy. what more can I expect from this, my life.  

Playful electricity. On and off. And on. On at unusual hours and off at expected time. 

I noticed, after being here for almost 4 years, the first time, the mechanism of season - of how winter operates. Of course, there is no definite and distinct time when a season ends and when another one comes and takes over. A week or two goes as intermediary for this case, particularly. And this week could be this one. Two days ago, the last downpour came. After the day, I felt the low intensity in the sun's heat. And in it's brightness too. On the contrary, the moon becomes clearer as the sky remains clear also. Yestereve's moon, though not in it's size, was perfect in general appearance. I loved and love winter moon. I am happy, I can see it again, tonight also, the glory of the winter nights. What more should I expect of my life. 

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  1. Live and love life to your fullest. You're gonna miss this moment, aren't you? Don't be sad. The sun and the moon will always shine wherever you are especially it will become much more beautiful back in your home. Happy weekend Sonam and take care! :)

  2. Life is just a journey for us, to shape it the way we want it to be. There is no right and no wrong in life. There is brightness and darkness too. However we can own a heart that emits brightness and happiness.


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