By Himalayan Tenzin - Friday, November 27, 2015

It was back in my early primary school days, the first time when I watched a movie of the Bruce Lee, Fist of Fury, The Chinese Connection, something stirred in me. A yearning to be like him: strong, courageous, fast, clever and unbeatable. When he takes down the entire tyrannical Japanese occupying China, it was what I liked to do to the bullies of my time then. His influence ran so deep, that I literally took to acting like him: kicking at random poles, trying nunchaku and screaming as he did. Well. Those imitations never turned me into Bruce. But imitating him, at least, I could develop myself to lots better than was before. Bruce was and is the main motivation in my metamorphosis - a good one indeed. As a matter of fact, the big boys stopped their unnecessary supremacy over me after they saw me do couple of Bruce acts: I had learnt to do nunchaku. Actually, quite well but enough as to alter their ego bloated minds that they begun to see me equally spoilt as them: when Bruce carried the weapon, hidden under his belt, I had it in my pouch. The bullies certainly were wise to consider that nunchaku would be better than their fists. Thus, I got freed. Bruce Lee was my saviour.

Being born on November 27, Bruce would turn 75, had he been alive. Unfortunately, he passed away at his 32. But he lived his life more worthy than remembering and worshiping, that he is living even 42 years after his death. And I am sure, he shall live forever because he is one kind of an inspiration.

To know how cool he was, check out the video below:

And now check this too to know why he is considered a superhuman to have walked on this planet.

God bless you, Bruce.

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  1. Wow, now I know the reason behind on why you idolise him so much! :) Thank you for sharing la and next time show me some of his poses and the shouting as well! ;)

  2. I look forward someday to answer your requests. :D Thank you, Rima. God bless you. And may Bruce bless you his strength and perseverance. :D

    1. It will happen. Believe me! So you'd better get ready and not forgetting all the poses! ;P

  3. I was his fan too and I was surprised that my American college mates adored him too.
    His death really shocked the world but his memories lived on till today.

  4. Bruce Lee was/is a legend. Thanks for stopping by on my blog! :-)


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