When he first saw me prostrating before our altar, my nephew was completely amused and asked me, "What are you doing, uncle? " 

"I am prostrating to God," I answered amidst my business, little aware that he is less acquainted with the spiritual concept. 

"What is God?" he began, unzipping his bag full of curiosities. 

To cut short an uninvited conversation with this immature man, I simplified the explanation of God to his level: "God is someone big who protects us from demons. All our rice, clothes, light, all comes because of Him. He has great power more than Batman. He is handsome and Kind. And He loves grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, uncle and all our people."

"Are those pictures of God?" he was then referring to the pictures on the wall which included the present His Holiness The Dalai Lama, calendar extracts of holy pictures and numerous eminent Buddhist figures, some framed and others hung by nails. 

"Yes. Now, don't disturb uncle and go, watch TV with grandfather." I sent him off. 

While watching BBS that evening, my nephew briskly came off my father's cozy lap and with open hand, in respect - which his grandmother taught is the right way to point to big people - showed us on screen appearing The Great Fourth, though for few moments. And to our amazement, he immediately began prostrating though his positions weren't correct. Who could blame him anyway. And he wouldn't have stopped hadn't father picked him back and placed him back on his lap. 

What surprised us more was his newly acquired knowledge of God, as he said, still in his excitement: "He is God, grandfather. I saw His picture in the altar. And He is handsome and kind."

Then only, I realized what really caught his attention as the picture of God in the altar was the bright coloured picture of The Great Fourth. 

And my nephew wasn't wrong. Neither was me. 

*Diary excerpt. A collective celebration of His Majesty The Great Fourth, Jigme Singye Wangchuk's 60th Birth Anniversary which is also observed nationally as Children's Day. 


  1. Hahahaha... nice post Nuchu!! I even have difficulty in explaining God to adult. I have to take my hats off you for explaining God in cute ways to your nephew! Keep posting la! :)

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