October is one of the special months for me. The fact that this year's October is certainly the last one for me here, it became even more precious, though there was a little tinge of melancholy on it. And being an Oct-born, every year, on 29th of the month, I feel rejuvenated when in truth, unaware, it is the biological body giving in to natural aging. What an irony!

Fortunately, though on 29th, my dear friends couldn't make the celebration on the due date because then, it rained and the atmosphere turned murky towards evening.( I assume it was the weather that made them forgot.)  But they didn't let go of it. Blessed me. So, on the following midnight, as belated, my birthday happened. By then, it was the birthday of my another friend also. We shared the cake cutting.

 Again! Later, I knew that the day was the birthday of another special figure. One of the giants of literature, a poet and a romanticist. Keats.

Yes. It's the birthday of John Keats. The very Keats, the chant of which instantly and instinctively would ring the famous beauty quote A thing of beauty is a joy forever. The poet who died at his youth (Oct 31, 1795 - Feb 23, 1821)  yet with much contributions in poetry as any well long lived poets could give. And no wonder, who is placed among the places of admirable Lord Byron and Shelley.

Having to share day with my mate and Keats, made Oct 31 extra special to me.

P.S. : I ought to write the post on the very day to make the post more suitable. Yet still, I write after 2 days, as a belated tribute to the great one. As I mentioned already, I also got my this year's birthday cake as belated. And shared the privilege also. :D 


  1. So Sorry SOnam, that this birthday cheer is late! Better late than never? NIce to know that you had the happiest birthday ever. Happy Belated Birhday to three of you there hehe:)

  2. Ooohhh..... Happy belated Birthday Sonam!!! Sorry for forgetting it! But I thought it falls on 14th? :D I must have recorded wrongly too before. Sorry! ^^

    Sorry for the raining and murky evening too that your friends had to postpone the celebration to the next midnight, and that too, with another friend's celebration.

    Anyway, I hope you are blessed with good health always, life full of love, joy and happiness, and be happy and positive always!

    Take care la and wish all your dreams come true!!! :)

  3. Happy Belated Birthday friend. Wishing you all the best of health and happiness every day. Warmest greetings from Malaysia too.

  4. Thank you, all, my dear. I feel even more special. God bless you. :)


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