Thank you, Sherab, for the nomination. This is first of a kind I am receiving, or rather participating.

For the questions you framed, following are the responses:

1. Who inspired you to blog?
Before this, I want to make it clear that my blog is totally a creative writing one, comprising few literary genres that represent my tentative forays in a literature world. To borrow a line from Langa Tenzin , it is ”for the love of reading and writing.” Like many, I was and am (I consider myself at least) a passionate reader. It’s one habit that I picked up from early school libraries, as a student, and that I like to drop not. Now, though raw and rudimentary, I take the ability to express myself through words, as a reward for reading those books.

How was the blog born? To be honest, this blog is not my own creation! A friend of mine created an account for me. I didn't like posting articles and my write ups there anyway. I liked writing manually on papers and keeping them filed within books and assignment files. What I thought was that blog is an online storeroom, less of a library and hardly with any readers or visitors unless we invite one. Fortunately, I was proved wrong; I came across your facebook page – Sherab Tenzin’s blog. This may sound flattering but it’s true. Clicking further on the links shared led me to the discovery of huge numbers of bloggers there in – commenting and following each other. I observed there are readers, errors mentioned and corrected and additional ideas suggested. The blogs I followed earlier being mostly a creative writing one, it kindled a bulb in me too – I thought that’s what I really liked to do though little good at it. Well, that’s how the blog came into being with an inspiration from all the blogs I follow, visitors and the environment altogether.

2. How you remain active in blogging?
That depends on the availability of Wi-Fi networks.  Provided full network and if you consider reading and visiting other’s blogs also as blogging, then I am amongst active bloggers.
Hope of encountering new fascinating blogs and ardent bloggers each new day keeps me within the circle of the interest.

3. A quote that guides your life.
“A day is a life in miniature.” I remember coming across this line in facebook as a status. I really don’t know who wrote or have said it but this sentence really guides my life. I try to make everyday a good one. After all, a life should be holding a meaning at least.

4. What would you do if your blog is declared as the highest viewed blog in the world?
Gifts to all the visitors! Does it sound plausible? Please, do ask questions that weigh more probability. I will be a pessimist here. My blog will never be that one. I am sure of it. But if it happens, well, I will continue blogging. J More passionately. A happy blogger. J

5. What you do during your leisure?
Twilight is my best leisure time, be it summer or winter. Usually around that time, especially on weekends, I like to take stroll in the company of my friends.

Reading books, I take it into study hours. Playing games for exercise, I include it under sport’s hour. Little praise to myself – I am a man of schedule. J

6. The book which you think shouldn't be read next time.
A magazine is there – Crime & Detective. It’s one filled with obscene pictures, erotic crime stories all narrowed down to sexy climax and gruesome endings with either death or murder or punishment or imprisonment of the accused. I find it filthy one way or the other.

7. Inspirational dialogues from one of the movies you watched recently.
Recently, I didn't watch any new movies. A year ago, I did. A line by Pi (Irfan Khan) to the writer (in “The Life of Pi” directed by Ang Lee), inspired me: “A faith is a house with many rooms.” This is one reason I liked reading Bible; an incentive of watching one good movie. Yes, faith really is a spacious, great empire.

8. In your view, what makes a person smart/beautiful?
Literally, a man who owns an intrinsic charm and a woman who doesn't fail to wear flawless makeup. J
To be serious, I take men who are reserved in good business as smart and women who are selflessly caring to others as beautiful. Try to combine the two, you will see the world beautiful.

9. The most embarrassing moment of your life.
The extempore speech competition I participated in when I was in class twelve.

10. Your thoughts on some people saying bloggers as ‘thoughts leaders’ in this century.
Yes! Those ‘some people’ really did say something true because I am also one of the bloggers. J Well. Jokes apart, I am not really good at explaining such contemplating topics. But, if I put the things my way, bloggers really are the thoughts leaders of the century. They bring into view the critical observations neglected, ignored or forgotten to have been thought upon. They talk and discuss some issues that sometimes contribute to good causes and consequences.  They revive the literature with blend of computerized technologies. Younger generations who blogs often see much of the world and grows experienced in political matters and scientific interventions, growing both in thoughts and actions. Their lives will be splendid, certainly. Often, they go beyond the supposed thinking limits. Perhaps, there are no boundaries in thinking. Transcending the lines make them the thoughts leaders. Brevity is the soul of it. Only this much on it. 

My nominees are :

Answer the same questions above and be awarded. :) 

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