By Himalayan Tenzin - Thursday, April 24, 2014

I woke up with slight pain at side neck. Little uneasy head. The whole previous night, I’d been awake, not knowing how to sleep.  Constant tossing and turning only kept me away from sleep rather than putting me into it. No measures could induce the need in me.

I tried plugging in ear piece. It only hurt my ear canals. List of favourite tracks, moreover, kept me to themselves rather than lulling me to sleep. It’s like they developed certain likeness to me as I do to them. Mutual relationship. So, it has become less effective a remedy now.

It’s not a hard ritual for me usually to retreat to sleep at such late night hours. Fatigue muscles and exhausted body used to briskly succumb to momentary peace. But unusual pandemonium seems to have broken loose within the reach of my consciousness. Perhaps already within the territory. Uncertain yet ginger call to my senses seems to stimulate my nerves. And the proof of my response to those is I am wide awake as just ready for a day.

Few days ago, dear Gabo left. Even before meeting him personally, I feel I had lost him as if we've been intimate already like neighbours. Such obituary compels me to dream a world – or rather personify – as a poet losing his invaluable finger. A sort of nightmare to me being a reader.

Nightmare.  One cautionary notification in media can also resource nightmare. The daily newspaper (Kuensel dated 22nd April) notifies graduates without Bhutan, especially India, are incompetent. Only one-third were able to be through last RCSC (Royal Civil Service Commission) examinations. That makes graduates from within the country thrice better.  What more can erect undergraduate students to stand still than this?

Such things can occupy and busy mind to the extent one forgets the sleep as need. I am counted one. For positive, sometimes insomnia can also be a symptom of maturity.  There can be no denying of the unalterable fact. Neither can there be alternatives (exclude sedative) to avoid the pervading sleeplessness at all. But perhaps it could be extenuated by reducing the reasons and causes fueling it.

Perhaps it’s the call for stretching and flexing the muscles. 

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