By Himalayan Tenzin - Sunday, June 01, 2014

Tuesday. It’s a dry day but Thimphu is all wet and little cold. I am desperately yearning for a peg of whiskey though a non-alcoholic.

Previous evening, it’s just little drizzle. Now it’s complete rain. Mature, complete rain: characteristic feature of summer. The season has started already.  And officially.

Before leaving to office, the hotel-in-charge, who turned out to be my senior, serves me a warm sweet tea- instead of whiskey.

The rain never stops. Sky remains with a single face – overcast. The darkness heralds continuous downpour. Due weather and the forecast, almost all the residents out are with umbrellas of their own; umbrellas of different colours. This is one reason why summer is beautiful. It looks like the mushrooms of varied colours had sprung up around. (Mushrooms of varied colours! Weird, it will look. Isn’t it? But it will look wonderful, I am sure.)

Few pedestrians are drenched. But they walk in a pace of one nature explorer. Their hairs soaked. Walks slowly, rejoicing every drop of the monsoon. (It appears to me, at least.) Or are they afraid of slipping? Whatever, they certainly are the nature lovers. On contrary, how can they love the rain, had they been using umbrella.

By the time, I reached the office, my new pair of shoes are patterned with the specks of mud. My stockings are wet till ankle. Shoulders and back part of my dress are darker in contrast to the lower portion. Yet, I admit. I still love rain despite my getting wet.

Note: It isn’t that I couldn’t afford an umbrella. I just wanted to have the taste of the monsoon in capital.

27th , May.

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