By Himalayan Tenzin - Wednesday, July 16, 2014

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It was three years ago, I first travelled to Paro. At the very first time, the place robbed my heart. And I decided then, in order to acquire residence there in future, I would marry a native girl and resettle there. The place is such beauty that even ‘Paradise’ won’t be able to do justice in describing it. With a surmountable river, suitable climate and fertile, historically enriched and religiously blessed soil, it’s a Shangri-La-, possessed and walked upon by humans. 

Last week, on ground of medical reasons, I went to the capital. Paro – being just near – I visited it again. The visit evoked the old feelings buried in me and nostalgia surfaced. I wished how more fortunate I would consider myself if only I belonged to this district. But being a Bhutanese is consolation here. 

In the past three years, Paro has changed a lot to better. But people scared me. 

In the morning of 5th, bro-in-law was informed by a relative there that his relative was found dead on the road. The fatal wounds on the victim’s body only told he’s been killed. The peace of the day and of the following ones was swallowed by the obituary news. 

However, the accused was caught and confession extracted: the previous night, the accused was drunk and driving. He didn’t realize he squashed someone under his vehicle tyres until he felt unusual stumble beneath his vehicle. By the time he came out, he was horrified to witness the ghastly accident. The flesh and bones of the victim that faced against the road had given in to the friction while being dragged. The victim was spot dead. Unfortunately, a police on duty sighted him on the spot, red-bodied by blood. 

The driver regrets the mistake – a mistake that did cost someone’s life. However, most of the people believe only part of his story. Many suspect the existence of grudge in between the two.

The following morning, while returning, traces of blood could be seen on the road, running few distances. No man can survive his blood being spilled over such length. Few kilometers away, as if to relate to the incident successively, a stray dog was mercilessly flattened. Innards of the creature were blown out. Certainly that’s doing of the ruthless strength of machine for no human could do it. 

I started return journey with an upset mind. Even in the supposed Shangri-la, there occurs grotesque road kill – absolutely inhuman and unforgivable. Perhaps, Paradise isn’t meant for humans.

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