By Himalayan Tenzin - Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ever since I watched ‘The Mask’ – a satirical comedy about human nature – Jim Carrey became my favourite. He’s been my brother’s favourite too and it’s when he suggested me to watch the movie that I got one of my favourites in Hollywood. His popular movies include Ace Ventura series: ‘When nature calls’ and ‘The pet detective’, ‘Liar liar’ and ‘Bruce Almighty.’

Born with genius talent of mimicking and stretching his elastic face into varied manifests of emotions and fluent speech that in itself is humour, laughter and applause are inevitable wherever and whenever the Jim Carrey appears. He is a synonym of comedy to me.

Several of his dramas, interviews, TV shows and movies uploaded in YouTube are bookmarked and when I get fed up with books, I switch on to his movies. They never fail to amuse me. Yesterday, I watched Bruce Almighty again. That was the third time.

I was much like Bruce; blaming God’s absence when I failed, that God has turned against me when I was sad and that He has totally abandoned me when sick. In fact, I even used to curse – as Bruce do – getting blasphemous when unable to tackle with the boundless irritations in life.  But Bruce Almighty teaches God is always with us and being sacrilegious over holy things only belittles us; God has given us equal power to seek solution to our own matters; we shouldn’t be too selfish so as to ask God’s attention to us only for He needs to attend to His other infinite children and creations. ‘Why bother God when we’ve power to solve our own problem’ is what I learned from the movie.

All his other movies I watched carry a serious message each, at least. ‘Liar Liar’ is about the impact of lying in family. The father (JC – Jim Carrey) – a lawyer (or liar) always makes excuses even to his only son, thereby not keeping his promises. Therefore, the son makes a wish that his father speak all truth on his birthday. Miraculously, though unable to lie, JC wins the case for his client – a divorcee – against a father, who then, gets ripped off his children. Realising his folly, JC then condemns he’s been living a selfish life. He realises the value of family unity. On he goes to reunite his almost broken family.

Trust him. :D
And ‘The Mask’, as I said, is of the human’s nature; part good and part bad personalities that every person carries. Whenever, the protagonist wears the cursed notorious mask, his concealed desires surface and he does what he thought of doing then. The movie could be the comical adaption of R.L. Stevenson’s gothic novel, ‘The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.’

In The Mask. 
If you watch the movie and read the novel, I am sure you can draw for yourself a best conclusion. 

Note: All pictures due Google. 

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