Manjhi – The Mountain Man is a hindi movie by Ketan Mehta, starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui, released on August 21 this year. As inspired by the true story, the movie is also set in Gehlore village, Bihar, where the real legend, the mountain man hails from. The movie is packed with mixed genres starting from oppressions the people suffer, friendship, sacrifice, determination, commitment, and primarily the marital love, unfaltering as it ought to be, which ignites from the physical desires and remains spiritual one even after leaving the world.


Review: Majhi, born of poor labourer’s family, as a child gets married to a girl named Phaguniya. His father, unable to repay his debt, easily consents to bond his son under the debtor, the landlord. However, young Manjhi escapes, crossing the mountain, separating himself from the bullies of the village tyrant and also his family and his childhood bride. Seven years later, he returns to find the village still the same, only his mother had passed away. To enlighten his home, he goes to reclaim his childhood bride. But his father-in-law denies him. There, he discovers the woman whom he met in the market and travelled together is, in fact, his bride. So, when adamant in laws were about to wed their daughter off to another man, Manjhi elopes away with his sweetheart.  Soon Phaguniya gives birth to a son. And when she gets pregnant again, Manjhi already has started working in the mountain to support the needs of his growing family. But working in the mountain comes with risk. Tragedy befalls Manjhi: he loses his wife who slips from the height. And what he does to avenge his wife are the works incredible to the senses of the sane and ordinary people. Nothing can stand on the way to the promise he’s sworn on the name of his love. Not even distances miles and miles away or things as big as a mountain.
The Legend, Dashrath Manjhi 
From the movie:

“Don’t depend too much on God. May be God depends on us.” – Manjhi.    

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