By Himalayan Tenzin - Wednesday, October 07, 2015

“Before sowing seeds, our experiential learning supervisor, a firm believer in Christ, put it a priority to say few solemn prayers to the Lord. After gaining spiritual content only did the actual work began. That was almost a month ago. Today, it’s satisfying to see the seedlings emerge. And the devotee, who called upon the divine intervention then, having seen his prayers granted made proud comment that there is clear difference in telling prayers and not. After little meeting, planning on what to do next, he left.

Indeed, it was a preliminary triumph as it’s the very response of our own, literal sowing.

Appreciating the initial success equally, was the field labourer who seemed to have been witnessing the entire moment, behind us. Then, approaching towards the plot, pointed to the growing plantlets. And stated, “ the soil was too dry.  All the moisture provided would disappear as soon as you leave. We ( his friend included ) had to provide mulching for the necessary conservation. You thought your fertilizers and few irrigation together had done the trick?”

I smiled.

I knew who's the God. 

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