By Himalayan Tenzin - Monday, October 20, 2014

I have two selves: a sinner masquerading as a Human and a Hypocrite masked behind the veil of a brethren. Once I heard them in conversation:

Said the sinner, “How sad, in fact, it is to witness many slaughters still to this days. The selfish desires of these earthly occupants can never be satisfied even with the infinite provisions of the creator. If this race sustain, one day, the Earth will have enough people but the human will be extinct. “

Upon this, the hypocrite agreed: “It is, indeed, sad, brother. To covet the richness born without, they have even forgotten the path to the temple. And when seldom they appear before the temple to confess their sins, they, then, tend to forget their prayers. They will never be cleansed for their roots in the heaven are lost. They are a disgrace as creation before the creator. And soon, they’ll build the world to a void with empty worshipers.”

That night, I was served pork and I read prayers without a vision of the Lord.

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