By Himalayan Tenzin - Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Winter has come because the days are cold here and the mornings and nights, unlike summer, are occupied by mist, making it a perfect setting to write of either a romantic or a horror story.

The humidity is comparatively lower than in summer, so, no much sweating. This could be one reason why people appear neat in winter.  But it could be also one reason why people bath less. Assure you, however, that I bathe daily unlike what I said. ;)

The Sun is also not so oppressive; it’s warm and mild and pleasant. Air conditioner had been switched off two weeks ago; it’s its resting time after the long dutiful working summer days. Because of these, the washings usually hung on balcony take longer to dry. In summer, the exhaust of AC, collectively with the intense summer heat, would dry those within few minutes. And now, for drying, those have to be taken on the terrace.

And once been to terrace, it’s from there, it’s difficult to make immediate return back to the room! The panoramic view the terrace provides of the spreading city and the distant horizon is just captivating. Especially at dawn and twilight: at dawn, the first rays of the sun, in endeavour to dress nearby tree canopies in its colour, resulting in peaceful blend of hue, dissipating mist giving way to bright daylight, early birds calling, and few travelers on the road make the environment just as the one I picture of tranquil and serene place. In twilight, orange setting sun rays bidding goodbyes to the things and places touched, mist developing out of thin air, loud praying of Muslim brethren, city lights and birds making back to their nests are what I love watching.

“The spring has done its flowering and taken leave.” The summer has done its heating and also taken leave. Even fall has done its shedding and gone. It’s only winter completely left of the year; coming then, freezing and snowing in the Himalayas and other cold regions of the globe. And resulting idea of family trips, office holidays, vacations and hiking are what makes me envious. That’s what I don’t like of winter. ;)  Jokes apart. Irrespective of thoughts of the natives and other residents here, in the northern Indian plain, though no snowing occurs here aside wintry breeze, the season is the much awaited, at least from me. 

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  1. It seems winter is welcoming season down there. But in Thimphu, it demands so much from us to keep ourselves warm. Enjoy winter there then bro.

  2. Brother, it's only my say that winter is a much awaited season here. :-)

    I know the season demands much from you and others living in the cold places, esp those living in Thimphu, Gedu and Paro. However, despite its cold, I am sure you don't want to hate the snowing period. So, I say you also enjoy your winter, brother. :-)

  3. Well, then your much awaited season is right next door.Let's welcome it but the fact is Delhi is no good for winter.It's pretty much cold here.
    "Making it a perfect setting to write of either a romantic or a horror story", you have concluded everything there which means we are going to get to read a lot from you.Have a nice weekend.

  4. Yes, Kipchu. The season already entered, I should say. :-) But I am sorry to know that my favourite season killed many poor in your place in the recent past.

    Winter usually triggers the plot of either a romance or crime or a ghost story, doesn't it ? :-) Actually, I meant that only. But if I am able to write any of the genres , I will email you because I feel you pulled my nose. ;-)

    1. I would love to go through your write ups.I always enjoyed going through them.Looking forward to it then.Have a nice weekend.


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