It's misty day. So, obviously it's cold day. It's tough to get out of warm blanket and out my cozy room to start anything. But once out, I saw how mist makes weather beautiful.  As I already said, 'misty backdrop is compatible either with romance or horror. ' Just this realization made me glad. But, there were even more reasons to be happy for and get mad with excitement.

The moment I reached my friend's room after last practical submission, my mate therein, broke the news which drenched everyone with surprise and pride later on! Our previous seniors from forestry and agriculture, who all graduated last year - or last June to be exact - from here, had done very extremely excellent in the RCSC exams. Of course, their colourful results mean job assured but that is less an achievement to hold pride of compared to what they did collectively!

One of our graduates, Mr. Dawa Tashi,  B.Sc. Agriculture, came second topper with 72.09 % in technical category , after Tashi Gyelmo, 75.07% ,another acquaintance though not a graduate from here.

Moreover, in the technical category, maximum of my seniors could place themselves to the best, among top ten!

It isn't that I didn't expect such a wonderful performance from them. I just feared for them because it's most tough intra-specific battle for winning the limited jobs in government or other prestigious sectors and departments. When they appear victorious , securing not only jobs but also bagging the highest position among others, it's their triumph that I celebrate and would continue cherishing because I am their junior.

The day was so beautiful. I wish it come again.  Always. 


  1. Come 2015 or later, I would expect Mr. Sonam Tenzin to substitute the name of Tashi Gyalmo or Dawa Tashi.
    You still have an opportunity. Just sharpen your axe. You can do it. Good luck.

  2. You got some hopes then.We are the senior most and worried and confused we are over here.Anyways lets hope for something good.Wish you similar beautiful days ahead.Take care.


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