By Himalayan Tenzin - Sunday, April 05, 2015

I like to sketch as much as I like to read and write.  Though I never took this passion seriously from my early school days, it has remained same even now – I could see – for whenever I see exquisite pencil sketches, they entice me equally as those classic novels and their authors provide fascination. I end up gazing at those pencil works for quite long time, sometimes hours even! Like in literary works, sketches also tend to have their own stories; some tell mood of the faces, some reveal the state of the person portrayed as a substance and some describe hundred stories on a sheet of paper. It’s for the reasons that some people, instead of being a poet or a writer, simply end up drawing entire life, while others take up this as a profession to eke out their living. Whether to tell stories or to sustain life through drawing, the ultimate object stands to survive.
However, my drawing is neither to tell a story nor can I take it as a profession. But like all artists, I draw simply to survive my passion – or more specifically, to sustain it which till now, had been running on thin line of my concentration and attention.
As the substances of my drawings are resourced from other artists, my sketches are only mere reproduction of others work. Or imitation. I lack creativity. In spite of that, I like to keep doing same, because it keeps my will to draw living. And almost the entire previous month, when both the net and the interest to read and write was on the wane, learning to sketch and sketching were the good business that occupied me.  
Perhaps, someday, I may be able to animate my imagination into sketches.  Even if I were not able to, I would be glad still; I can fulfill my desire by imitation, of course, with proper attribution to the sources because there are figures and people I like to cherish and commemorate in all ways I can. 
Abe Lincoln 

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  1. That is a great likeness, well done. You are talented. It doesn't matter whether you sketch or read/write, just keep the spark alive. Best wishes.

  2. Wow! thats wonderful Sonam... I always wanted to try it since I read the blog post of Passu sir but I couldn’t start yet... :)
    Keep sketching… That will be the best squander of our leisure time.
    Buddha Bless you! :)
    Have a nice day ahead :)

  3. Not a bad work, bro. Glad to hear we share another similar passion. Keep going. You drew well. :)


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