Some of the sketches I have been doing of recent are reproduced here , as my today's blog post, for viewing purpose. Since I drew it with normal pencil and as I also lack creativity - which I already mentioned in my earlier post - they all are inaccurate and tinted with flaws. Though most of them are copy sketch - resourced from others works -  I couldn't stop from drawing them again and you already know the reason why. 
I hope you would enjoy. :)  

 An English Romantic poet, John Keats ( Oct 31, 1795 - Feb 23, 1821 ).

The Master. Bruce Lee ( Nov 27,1940 - July 20, 1973 )was Hong Kong American martial art actor, filmmaker, the instructor, philosopher, and the founder of Jeet Kune Do. 

In action. 

Lionel Messi, the magician in soccer game. 

Lee again. 

A hand! Could be of God. or of my roommate. or my own. or of others. or this itself is just one reproduction. you shall never know. and I shall never tell. So, just have view. :) :D :D 

Thank You. 


  1. Nice sketch Sonam! Keep up your passion on this! :)

  2. Wonderful sketch Sonam...
    Will you mind to sketch me as well? I would love to see it...
    Pleasant evening ahead :)

  3. Nice one bro. I dint know that you have another talent.

  4. wow Sonam....thats truly incredible work...hats off


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