I wish Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers of the universe though I am of the opinion that could mother's greatness be gratified by the celebration on this single day. To return as homage their immeasurable love, it would take us our entire lives. Or perhaps, we simply cannot pay them back for what they did for us, even if we live each day of our lives cleaning their feet and serving their needs. Mothers are the other earthly manifestation of our God. To love and respect them is as equal as prayer.So, do obey your mothers ( and also fathers ). And wish again Happy Mother's Day to all dear moms. :) 

Hadn't you been here, God may not find better way to fill his empire or protect it, and He would be left all alone and lonely again. Even God needs you. So, Thank you again for being there for Him. 

Lovely patterns
she knits,
on threads of
complex lives.

My mother
weaves great;
her hand hard
yet beautiful. 

10 May, 2015


  1. It is said that since god cannot be everywhere to protect and care us, he created mother. So mothers are our gods. So must respect and care our mothers!


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