By Himalayan Tenzin - Sunday, July 19, 2015

It never rains in Allahabad. But pours. And it started again in the morning, around 4. The swishing downpour blew my creeping sleep away. And here, in the room, I lay awake, wide - when my partner had already slept hours ago - thinking of the elements outside, visualizing how individual drops would be falling at the moment. I had always enjoyed moments of/in rain. It makes perfect backdrop for any romantic scenes and songs. If you 've listened to Don Williams Crying in the Rain then, perhaps, you may come in agreement with my statement. 

But this literal romance has little to do with what I was thinking then. The pouring brought images of Himalayan valleys in rain. The familiar sound outside and the almost the same feeling inside. Such moments I feel to keep in record always. And record, did I. Remembering I made few scribbles under the note of Summer diary when home, I flipped my diary to come across the pertinent entry:


13th June

The Earth wears a fresh look after bathing in the rain the entire previous day and night. Trees sway in the motion of the late morning breeze. There is perfume in the air of mixed odour appealing to the senses. The silver lining clouds are rolling to the corner of the sky, allowing the long awaiting Sun to reach its light to the subtropical vegetations. And this is when the valley is most beautiful. 

Yesterday, the gentle beat of the drizzle against the roof kept me from sleeping and even as I enjoyed the thought of the drops whose coming in contact with the roof produced the pleasant melody of the night, I feared the probable premonition that waterlogged soil may give in to mud slide and my house may fall load to it as it's on the slope - the vulnerable site. 

The consistent rain has triggered road blocks in the vicinity areas. The people then, suffer from getting delivered to their destination on due time. Sometimes, to the degree of worst, the infirm road causes accidents. This is why people abhor - and fear - summer rain.  

The rain of the season here, heretofore, hasn't caused any damages to the property of the valley, though there is cut in water supply today. In spite of this and the complaints due to the long-wetting laundries - and the resulting stinking clothes - the rain is least of a nuisance here. 

And now, when the nature is in no more requirements of any adornments to be naturally attractive, the rain could be only called as the blessing from above to the people of valley in benediction. 

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  1. Great thoughts and nice of you to share. Greetings!

  2. Coincidentally I also wrote about summer, but here in Thimphu. However, you wrote it much more beautifully Nuchu!!! Keep it up! :)

    1. You flatters me. :) Thank you, anyway. Part of this post is also of summer in Bhutan - of a place somewhere secluded in the corner, my Home. :) And your post is even more beautiful. :) Buddha bless us all. :)


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